DVR: basic types and differences Types of DVR First of all, the DVR must have a secure attachment and optimal location in the vehicle to best fix the situation on the road. On this basis three types of devices are distinguished: Fixed by the suction cup. They can be mounted even on the windshield. The main advantages of these recorders – the reasonable price and ease of installation. Mounted in the rear-view mirror. The price of such video recorders are much higher than the previous type. But the obvious advantages are attracted to these devices visionary car owners. Despite the fact that the installation isRead More →

When it is time to change the engine? Operation of any motor car has a resource, which depends on many factors. It may be the manufacturer, the type of used fuel, the power, quality of engine oils, machine operating conditions, etc. Eventually there comes a time when you need to change the engine. The first evidence of an engine system malfunction become noises and knocks under the hood. Particularly dangerous in this case if you hear the piston, which indicates the presence of cracks. Also, motorists complain about the swimming speed (for a few seconds indices rise and fall in the value 100-200). To selectRead More →